I paint the things that truly make me happy!

I feel hugely inspired by the beauty of New England, the four seasons and the elegance of the coastal lifestyle. Its beauty truly takes my breath away every single day, it’s what makes me take longer walks, what starts our days on the beach and ends our weeks watching the gorgeous sunset! This inspiration, my love of water, a deep fascination and respect for its  and moods, the gorgeous New England sunsets and the vibrant colours in nature are all translated into my work.

I paint in a variety of styles that have developed over the years spanning from representational to abstracts, using significant colours and overlapping layers of paint to create beauty through transparency and texture. Sometimes I use paint brushes and work on the finer details, other times I use a huge pallet knife and express myself through energy and fluidity of movement.

Born in Tanzania, I spent my early years playing on sandy streets. On a rainy day when the roads would be flooded with flowing water, I would make  paper boats with a message in it and watch it sail down the road in hopes it would get to my uncle's house.

We then moved to London where I grew up and went to school. Art was always my favorite, it’s where I felt most connected, it’s when I listened to every word the teacher said. Fast forward a few years, I graduated from the London College of Fashion where I developed a further passion for art and design.

Very soon after, life happened and I got married to my amazing husband and raised my two beautiful children who became my whole world. We then moved to beautiful coastal Connecticut, and as my family settled in Fairfield, I continued to paint.

Now on most days, you can find me in my home studio listening to music in a world of my own, painting away with my sweet puppy by my side️